Kinder des Sumpfes


Durchschnittliche Größe: 1,50 – 1,70
Durchschnittliches Gewicht: 45-65 kg

Ability Scores: +2 Stärke, +2 Geschicklichkeit
Größe: medium
Geschwindigkeit: 6 Felder
Sicht: Normal

Sprachen: Echsisch, Gemein
Skill Bonuses: +2 Athelics, +2 Endurance
Reptillian: Your race is reptillian and is cold-blooded. You have the reptile keyword, so you are considered a reptile for the purpose of effects that relate to creature origin.
Enduring Breath: You can hold your breath for 10 rounds (rather than 5 rounds) before you need to make endurance checks. Additionally, you don’t need to make endurance checks to hold your breath in strenuous situations.
Swamp Walking: You ignore difficult terrain caused by bog, mud, or shallow water.
Saurian Nature: While partially civilized you still feel the call of your wild animal blood. At the time of character creation choose either the Nature or Stealth skills. You recieve a +2 racial bonus to your chosen skill.
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Die Echsenmenschen stehen meist zwischen den Fronten der Menschen und der Drachenkinder. Am Rand von Drachenfels hat sich eine Sippe der Echsenmenschen niedergelassen.


Drachenfels Kampagne Sagenlicht